We just heard this afternoon that the property title change was recorded. We are now owners (or stewards) of Sunnyslope Family Farm!

Instead of one mustang, there are now two mustangs, Mariah and Rascal. The two have been together for many years, and the previous owner had asked (as his last wish) that they stay together and live out their lives on the property (a request which we are happy to observe).

Renee and I did our final walk-through and property inspection yesterday. Over the past few weeks, we have tried to make friends with Mariah, who is a bit stand-offish and has not been comfortable taking food from Renee. But today, both horses were reunited on the property, and both took alfalfa pellets from Renee’s hand. She told me earlier that having the horses accept her would be a big step in her bonding with the property. This was a good day!

We are spending most of our time reading seed catalogs and writing up our  “to do” lists. One or the reasons that we have created a blog is that we hope to get a lot of input from interested folks. We look forward to hearing from all of you!