Gosh, only one week has gone by and so much has happened. First, we met a couple of our neighbors, and they are so nice and have been so helpful on things pertaining to the property. I also met Jesse, our local feed store owner, who knows all about the horses on our property, and we now have 27 year old Rascal on a senior pellet food with glucosamine and condroitin. He has no teeth. Turns out 17 year old Mariah, the other horse, stays fat just on the pasture.
    We bought a new power washer, weed wacker, come – along, and are researching rototillers. We are out at the property daily, doing something to clean it up and prepare it for the spring garden. We’ve pruned, weeded, cleared off the roof of the chicken house, dumped old chicken manure from the chicken house into the garden, power washed the chicken house, and are still prepping the garden for spring. Hand turned some of the soil, but we have GOT to get a rototiller! Darryl ordered a bee suit and beekeeping materials. The suit does not fit Darryl, so I am now the proud owner, and Darryl has ordered another one!
    Our son Nathan brought his music equipment to the property to see if he could “amp up” without disturbing the neighbors. Amazingly, we could hardly hear him just outside the house, and couldn’t hear him at all at 50 yards. He is thrilled, because now he can record his music properly. We never let turn the amp past 1 at the Center St. home!

Darryl and Chief check out the partially turned garden

Renee sweeps the roof of the chicken house

Happy Renee in her new bee suit!

Sad Darryl wears the only thing that fit him (bee hat), while ordering a new bee suit