Darryl and I purchased a Honda 8HP rototiller. We got  Dodie and Robbie (Renee’s sister and her boyfriend) to help us cart it to out to our farm in his truck. It was Robbie’s first time seeing the place. He was a wealth of information, as he is a farmer himself. Dodie was a great help to me (Renee) inside the house because I tend to get overwhelmed, and she helped me focus on what really needs to be done now, and leave the rest for later. Thanks, Dodie!

The rototiller is amazing! Our soil is dark, loamy and gorgeous! About half way through our center plot, Darryl hit rock, and the tiller went flying forward. We ended up having to spend the next hour or two digging out a bunch of clay-sandstone rock. We broke two pick axes (they were old, anyway). We still have more work to do.

OK, I now have to confess to something. A few days ago I was cleaning the inside of the house. Vacuuming the family room in “layers,” and scrubbing and cleaning every inch of a bathroom. I went to take the wall heater cover out to dust it, and found it was attached to the electrical wires. A few sparks flew, and I managed to blow a fuse that affected the whole back of the house and the chicken house across the driveway. We can’t get it to reset, so now we have to call an electrician out. Darryl says I could have killed myself. I will definitely be more careful next time!

Darryl rototills our garden


Renee looks pretty scary as she preps herself for deep cleaning