Wildlife has been the theme on the farm. Darryl counted 32 wild turkeys last week! Chief just saw 32 playmates, and went running for them. That same day, a deer was right in front of the house. It saw Darryl and Chief, and jumped over the gate, into the garden, then out the other side. (We have since bought deer fencing)  But wait, there’s more! While Darryl was feeding the horses he saw a skunk crossing the pasture!
    Today we took Chief to the farm, and Darryl let him into the pasture. I like to keep him out of the pasture because he rolls in and eats the horse manure. Typical dog behavior. YUCK! I had to give him two baths this week alone. As we debated whether he should be in there, we heard him barking. Next thing we know he got sprayed by that skunk! So, now you know what these pictures are of. Notice that I made Darryl clean Chief!