Fall is here and things are winding down in the garden. We have harvested over 350 ears of corn, canned at least 50 jars of tomato sauce, and got enough blackberries picked to make a bunch of jam.  and finally watching the demolition and construction of our house!

For the past few months Renee and Nathan have been working on the “in-law” end of the house. The painting is done, and the new floors are almost in.

Here is Nathan laying vinyl tiles in the in-law kitchen.

In the meantime, demolition and the beginning of construction has begun in the main part of the house.

Living room carpet is gone. Our project is beginning!

Living room as seen from the new dining room. Notice the nice large opening.

One major part of the demolition was the removal of back hallway. The back wall was reinforced cinderblock and was probably part of a major home addition in 1970.

View from our master bedroom through the (future) french doors to where we 
will have our deck.