Green coffee                  Weighing                    Pouring                           Roasting

            Checking                             Cooling                         Coffee!
     Last week’s Far
mer’s Market was a big success and lots of fun. Thanks to all who showed up!
     On Monday, Darryl, Nathan, and I had the opportunity to witness my brother Dave giving us a coffee roasting demo. We will have pictures of this next Sunday as well as on our blog. We now know the difference between City, Full City, Vienna, French and Spanish roast, as well as the “sounds and speeds” of the first and second cracking stages of roasting! We also learned a few things that we will try to pass on to you. in Emeryville is where Dave buys his organic, fair trade or farmgate green beans to roast. Check out their website. It is an encyclopedia of amazing information on coffee!
    We will have a bowl of  Java Kopi Sunda Vienna and French Roast beans for you to  “see and sniff!” Smells amazing!  Be sure to come by our booth and taste a sample of the Bolivia Cenaproc Full City roast. 
    Produce wise, we will have tons of red and green leaf lettuce (we sold out last Sunday, so we will be sure to bring more this time!) green onions, fava beans, kale, and more.
Happy Eating!