Hi All!
    Well, I must say, our 175 tomatoes are taking off! We
have blossoms and soon – 20 plus varieties of
tomatoes! The carrot harvest was the most successful ever, except that
more than half came out “forked,” which means they look like little
creatures. This is usually caused by rocks in the soil. We sold the
perfect ones
last week. The rest we will eat, or give to our goats, hens and horse.
As you know, our dog Chef loves kale, so he might get a few carrots too!
Some squash, beans, and pepper plants are growing well, others more
slowly. It is always
an education to figure out why.
    A few beets, parsnips,
kohlrabi, radishes, and celeriac are in the ground. Darryl’s hops plants
are starting to grow, as well as the grape plants. Potato plants look
healthy. Garlic tops are drying up, so soon we will harvest them. Lots
of them got eaten by gophers, a common problem here. We have to walk the
fields every morning to inspect traps and set new ones. With gophers,
you have to catch the most recent activity or you won’t get them.Tally
for gophers caught in 2012 so far: 22 (probably more info than you
    Cukes, corn and winter squash will be getting a late
start, not yet in the ground but very soon. Our corn this year is a
unique variety called “Country Gentleman.” This heirloom is known as
shoepeg corn in the South. It has an irregular
pattern of creamy white, slender kernels and is widely regarded as one
of the finest roasting varieties available. Master fishermen find it
makes a superior corn bait. Being open pollinated, we can save the seed
for next year, unlike hybrid seeds.
   This week we will have a few items for sale, like kale, kohlrabi, green
onions ( I promise, Jo!), the last of our coffee, and maybe some beets
and parsnips. Much of our lettuce went to Terra Bella Family Farm’s CSA,
but we will try to bring some Sunday.

     Well, this got a little wordy, but that’s what’s going on here! One last piece of GREAT news – STARR KING’S EGG CSA MEMBERS HAVE DONATED OVER 90 DOZEN EGGS TO THE SOUTH HAYWARD PARISH FOOD PANTRY SINCE SEPTEMBER, 2012! These protein sources are much appreciated! Thanks to all of you who donated!