Hi Everyone!
Well, it has been more than a week since I last posted.
Our granddaughter was in town and frankly, when
she is here, my life revolves around her! What a wonderful time we had!
But alas, time to get back to work, sort of. I am a bit laid up with
something, but it gives me the time to type this letter to you all.

First, we want to thank our CSA egg members for
their cooperation in taking a reduction in eggs. Your patience and
understanding are appreciated!

Our egg production is still down
but getting better. As you know, we lost five hens to a fox. Fixing some
netting seems to keep the egg pecking jays out. Some of the hens are
molting (losing feathers, which happens once a year) and all their
energy goes into
growing new feathers instead of eggs. This is hopefully coming to an
end, which means more eggs. Our nine chicks, which are now three months
old, will be laying in the next two-three months, which means more eggs
and more
color varieties. Can’t wait. BUT – we think two of them are roosters!
They are sexed when you buy them, but it is not 100% accurate. Maybe a
blessing in disguise. We learned that this Wellsummer breed rooster is
none other than the Kellogg rooster!  I have temporarily named him/her
“Kellogg.”  I am hoping the other one, a white Leghorn breed, is a hen.
When our neighbor’s Leghorn rooster came to visit, our Leghorn’s
“cackles” were all up. Hmmmm…. any name suggestions in case it she is a

a few cherry tomatoes are ripening. We have tons of green tomatoes just
waiting for hotter weather to ripen. Here we have 175+ tomato plants,
and I have to go to the store to buy some to make our pico de gallo!
Makes me cringe!

We have had some
great successes and some not so great. Our CSA plans have been
put on hold for now. We are not sure if we have enough variety at this
time. If you are still interested in getting,
say, a CSA package with  a lot of tomatoes and squash with some green
beans, occasional egg plant, basil, garlic, etc, then let us know. Check
out our CSA info on our website. We will also take bulk orders of tomatoes
for canning,etc, at reduced cost for orders over 10 lbs.

always have animals wandering on our property, from the neighbors dogs,
hens, chicks, a rooster to now, a pregnant miniature horse! She showed
up when our granddaughter was here, so we got a photo op done just
before the owner arrived.(see attached)
in all it has been a learning experience, and we are especially pleased
with our tomato crop. Hopefully you will see a few cherry tomatoes this
Sunday. We are currently parking ourselves at the church back porch, as
many like the easy access and – the top is not available due to
electrical work.
 See you Sunday!