I fed our ailing golden retriever, Chief, around 6 o’clock yesterday evening. Afterward, Chief went outside and laid down near Nathan’s front door. At around 7:00 I heard a chicken commotion going on outside. I went to the door and looked out and saw a fox with a rooster in its mouth in the oak circle, just across the driveway from the porch. The fox was golden red with about three or four inches of white on its tail. I yelled and started towards it. The fox dragged the rooster and ran towards the back slope. A few feet onto the driveway, it dropped the rooster and I continued to chase the fox along the driveway towards the hen house. It ran north between the hen house and the garage. To my right, Chief was running after it as well. As Chief started to cross the driveway, he fell down (he is very weak from his cancer) and yelped. He is such a brave guy, he is my hero. I stopped chasing the fox and turned my attention to Chief. I knelt down and gave him a hug and told him what a great boy he was.

After making sure that Chief was ok, I went looking for the rooster which was our neighbor’s Wellsummer that has been spending so much time outside our chicken house. I could not find him anywhere around where the attack occurred, but I did find some of his long dark tail feathers by the round pavers just east of the chicken house, as well as tail feathers and body feathers in the oak circle just in across from the front door.
Lots of feathers!

While there were lots of feathers scattered around there was no sign of blood.  A bit later I went to feed our wild mustang, Mariah and saw the rooster walking up the driveway. He seemed no worse for wear, but was missing quite a few tail feathers!

Our neighbor, Lloyd was working on his car with two young boys by the fence, so I walked over to the fence and told him about his rooster’s adventure. He said that he had noticed that it was missing some tail feathers and was trying to get back to his side. He was surprised that the fox was out so early, but mentioned that he found some feathers near his green house this morning which he suspected was where a fox killed one of his hens overnight. I was able to herd the rooster over to a place where he could get through the fence and back home.

I guess even roosters are vulnerable to the speed and stealth of a hungry fox, but this rooster was lucky to have been just outside my door when fate came knocking!