February is the month of love at Sunnyslope Family Farm!

    We have bred one of our goats, April, with an Oberhausli buck from Clayton. The owner was so friendly and a world of  knowledge for us amateurs! We are also wondering if there might have been some “fence fornication” going on right here in our pastures! There is a Boer buck next door, and only a chainlink fence separates our girls from him! Our goat, Lucy, has swollen teats and milk is coming from them. This can either be a true pregnancy, which we now read IS possible to happen through fences, OR she is having a false pregnancy. Our third goat, Apricot, is, as far as we can tell, not pregnant. Time will tell with all three!
Our son-in-law has been a world of help, cutting down trees and fixing up the place. He convinced us to start up our egg business again, so we have 61 chicks arriving the week of  February 18th! He has emptied and cleaned out the animal building. Their rat terrier, Rocko, enjoyed doing what he was named for – and got five rats in two days!
Our daughter Liz is enjoying watching her 2 year old daughter, (our granddaughter, Jenna) explore the farm. The minute Jenna wakes up, she says, “boots!,” from her crib, and slips them on right over her pj’s, grabs her coat, and is ready to head out and say good morning to all of the animals! She is an absolute joy to have around!
    The greenhouse is starting to come alive again, thanks to our son, Nathan.
We are planning some exciting things in the near future. Stay tuned!